Our first family photo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to me!

I couldn't have asked for anything more for my first mothers day - we had an amazingly relaxing weekend (which is very rare!) and a very simple and perfect mothers day spent with my boys. 

The best gift I could have EVER asked for - Ethan slept in until 6:30!!

Good morning pumpkin!

On our way to breakfast!

someone is pumped about pancakes!!!



I swear we didn't give him coffee with breakfast...

"uhhh...why do i have these tiny pieces when there is a big ole pancake so close?"

"hmmm...eat this tiny piece or go for the big pancake?"


"just a little closer, and i'll taste sweet victory!"


"stick a fork in me, im' done!"

"oh boy, im gonna regret this...can someone unbutton my pants?"

After breakfast Grammi Lu stopped by...

In the afternoon we hung out outside and watched daddy mow the lawn

My Mothers day gift


I love you Ethan Joseph - you are the most incredible little boy I could have ever asked for.  Each day you make me laugh, you make me smile, you amaze me, and you make me fall even more in love than the day before.  I will always remember this first Mothers Day and how incredibly lucky I am to be your mom.  I love you forever and ever.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

March 2012

Once again I've fallen completely behind on posting...so here is an overview of March :)  

Ethan is quickly changing and doing new things every day.   March kicked off with him eating table foods - (when he tried to steal a meatball from a kid at daycare, I figured it was time!)  I hear these stories about "picky" kids who won't eat, and lets just say I have the complete opposite of a picky eater.   Ethan double fists the food put on his tray, shoving handfuls into his mouth at a time...and we have yet to find a food he won't eat.   Between him and Brandon I anticipate a hefty grocery bill in my near future. 

First table foods - a banana!!   (notice the double fists?)

He's in heaven!

Making sure it all stays in there!

We are putting in a patio this summer and went to the Flower show for some inspiration - We went with Brendan and Nathaniel - going with two arborists made me realize how very little I know about trees and such...and i'm okay with that ;) 

Daddy and Ethan checking out one of the displays

Brendan and Nathaniel

Feeding this kid is so much fun!  albeit a little dangerous....I may lose a finger when he gets more teeth!   One day at daycare, Jenn informed me that Ethan ate half a quesadilla and all the other kids at 1.5.  I was like "okay that sounds right...", to which she replied "no...I made 2 big quesadilla's...all the other kids split the 1.5 and Ethan ate a whole half himself..."  and he's the youngest..yowsers! 

One night the Honan's came over, this was Ethans excitement when i said "auntie deez nuts is on her way!"  it was already past his bedtime, but he wanted to stay up to say hello. 

5 minutes later....  :)

This has become a typical Sunday morning..

Ethan and Uncle Ryan on St. Patty's day.

Happy 1st St. Patricks day Ethan!!

Warmer weather means LOTS of walks around the neighborhood.   This hat usually stays on for the first 3 minutes. 

We all know this kid has sported some wild n crazy hair since birth.   He was really ready for his first haircut at around 3 months, but we just couldn't do it.   Several months ago, I said it was time, but couldn't get Brandon on board...I finally went to drastic measures to prove he was ready...

"see dad, i'm ready for a haircut!"


AFTER (thank you Aunt Lindsey for my first haircut!)

Daddy and Ethan having some fun in the sun!

At the end of March, Ethan and I took a trip up to Ellsworth to visit with Papa & GG and go to Joelle's baby shower (congrats to Jason and Joelle!)  This was really the first time that GG & Papa got to spend so much uniterrupted quality time with Ethan - he soaked up every second and adored all their attention. 

Papa getting some good snuggle time in. 

Papa Griff made Ethan laugh so much that weekend! They couldnt' get enough of each other :)

GG with her favorite little boy - she's smitten!

Cheers to another great month! 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

B.Y.O.B - bring your own boots!

There is something so special about the start of "spring" in the neighborhood.   All of a sudden everyone is outside, you see neighbors you haven't seen all winter, kids are riding their bikes, families are out for walks and most importantly, Red Neck Patio opens back up for business :) This year kicked off unseasonably early, with no complaints from us.   It just meant that it was BYOB - bring your own boots, since there was still snow on the ground :)   For those of you unfamiliar with Red Neck Patio - let me enlighten you.   There is no real patio involved, hence the red neck part.  It consists of looking a little like white trash, sitting in the front yard with your kids (as opposed to the private back deck), drinking publicly, so that we can say hi to those walking by, and perhaps even recruit someone trying to be healthy out exercising to stop in for a beer.   It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Peter tippin back his sippy cup - and sporting the coolest frog boots ever!

Pete & Brandon - i'm sure this picture will be repeated many times during redneck patio season of 2012!

Ethan's "first" redeck patio - i'm not sure he remembers them from last summer?

"hey who's that!?"  he likes being able to see everyone too!

Monkey see - monkey do!

Cheers Jenn! 

AWWW!!   BFF's!

Jack showing Ethan where the beer is - "dude it's right there, just grab one!" 

and so it begins....RED NECK PATIO OF 2012!

Jenn found this online and it's a must have for this season!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Uncle Cricket's Basketball game

My friend Mike (aka FTTFE, aka Cricket) is an assistant coach for the Falmouth high school boys basketball team, and invited us to come watch his team in the tournament game.   And since Cricket gave him his first basketball at just a couple weeks old, it seemed only fitting that this would be his first live game!

Ethan with the basketball from Cricket and Johie

He's got great dribbling skills :)  hence the bib! hehe

We met Johie (soon to be Mrs. Cricket!) there to cheer on Cricket and his team!

Ethan had fun cheering and dancing to the music!

"dad this is awesome!"

We met up with Rebekah and Jeff after the game :)

And after a little confusion, involving Mike & Johie  having to hang out in the driveway and drink a beer while they waited for us to get home, all of us went back to our house for post game beverages!

Riley was so happy to have his "Friend" Rebekah here!